MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE: Powering youth in nakivale refugee settlement

Here’s the chance to be the turning point for one young refugee – the spark that changed everything. 

This year, we brought the magic of the Changemakers Award to 800 refugee youth in Nakivale settlement in Uganda, asking them to dream big about how they would change their lives and their community. Tonight, you’ll have the opportunity to make the impossible, possible for one of these three Changemakers. To unleash abundance in a place and for a people who’ve struggled to keep their dreams alive through scarcity and hardship. 

  • Help Festo start a hair salon, build up his business, and train youth in Nakivale on hairdressing.
  • Dorotea wants to start a poultry keeping business and help train others on how to keep chickens and other livestock to make a living.
  • Build a Language Training Center with Jean-Luc inside the camp’s youth center where young people can learn languages and teach each other what they know. 

*Three opportunities that need to come true.

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Power an ARC Changemaker in Rwanda while you learn about beekeeping, bees and their life’s work – honey! You and three of your friends will join Colleen Striegel – long time beekeeper, compassionate humanitarian and ARC’s VP of Human Resources – at her home in St. Paul. She’ll tell you about her social enterprise and teach you about keeping bees in and out of the city. Then you’ll suit-up in full beekeeping accoutrement and get to know Colleen’s bees up close!

Solveig Tofte, master baker and world renowned owner of Sunstreet Breads, will join the party and together you’ll roll up your sleeves and bake delicious bread to enjoy with some sweet, socially conscious honey. A delicious dinner will follow, prepared by ARC Board Member Jay Shahidi and his wife Csilla Grauzer.

You learn. We grow. Your beekeeping experience will fuel a budding business in Rwanda. Richard Masumbuko, ARC’s Livelihood Coordinator in Nyabiheke refugee camp in Rwanda, hopes that keeping bees and extracting honey will help camp residents improve their livelihoods. Winning this package means you’ll give Richard the seed funds he needs to train refugees in beekeeping and purchase equipment and Nyabiheke’s first hive.



Travel with Yiech Pur Biel from the Refugee Olympic team in a 5K in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. 

Sports, exercise, playing – they make us healthy and happy. That’s why more than 100 of our staff submitted their sports ideas to this year’s Changemakers competition in hopes of giving refugees opportunities to feel their own joy, power and value through sport. Refugees tell us they feel more alive when they’re with friends and playing soccer, basketball or running – and it provides some escape from how challenging their lives can be.

Join us on World Refugee Day for a 5K Run in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Travel to the settlement with ARC. Once you’re there, join with hundreds of refugees – including Yiech Pur Biel and other members of the Refugee Olympic team from Rio 2016 – and run the course through the camp’s neighborhoods or volunteer and cheer the runners on. It will be an experience you never forget…a world refugee day event unique the world over…a chance to raise visibility for the refugee Olympians who ran away with our hearts this summer…and an opportunity to enrich the lives of refugee youth with sport.

* 8-10 spots available (airfare not included) 

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Travel with ARC Board Member Mark Mortenson and ARC’s John Griffith. John is the former head of property development at Target Corp, and as ARC’s new Head of Global Operations he oversees ARC’s programs and manages 2500+ ARC team members around the world.

This is a short but ambitious trip for busy people (just 5-6 days, roundtrip). You’ll visit refugee camps in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, survey the built environment and discuss potential strategies for looking past the scarcity seemingly all around you to bring abundant new solutions and approaches for refugee camp residents.

We will work with you to schedule travel dates between July – September 2017. Package includes expenses for two people (airfare not included). Feel free to bring others along who’d enjoy being a part of this important conversation (additional costs will apply).



Imagine waking up every single morning knowing you’d make a new person’s life better each day! That would be pretty incredible. Join us as an angel investor of Changemaker’s 365 and we’ll make it happen.

There are so many simple things that need doing. The world’s tough problems can seem insurmountable, and it’s easy to get bogged down. So at ARC, while we tackle the big problems we also do what’s doable. Right
then. And that’s what Changemakers 365 will be all about.

Each day, we’ll make change for just $500. What does $500 worth of change look like? More than you’d think. It looks like cots and mattresses – a soft place to rest – for refugees who’ve just completed their journey to a refugee camp. It looks like a well-stocked library complete with art supplies for kids who need a safe place to wait while their siblings and parents receive therapy for malnutrition. It looks like a fresh coat of paint for refugee camp buildings, brightening everyone’s day.

Real change – every single day – for an entire year.

You can be an Angel Investor for Changemakers 365.  In the spirit of a Silicon Valley start-up, Angel Investors provide the seed money needed to make new things happen. Now you have the opportunity to be an Angel Investor for 365 ideas. Angel Investors will have the opportunity to work with staff to curate an entire month of change! Staff and refugees from around the world will tell us everything we can fix for just $500. You might choose a month of change for youth sports, protection of women and children, emergency response, or staff care. Who knows how big this idea could grow.