In every single camp, village, and city where the American Refugee Committee works, you find CHANGEMAKERS doing the doable to bring change to their communities. Tonight, each and every live auction package connects you to one of these CHANGEMAKERS and the chance to make one of their dreams come true.

Power Community Heroes

Here’s the chance to spark change. Tonight, we have the chance to back three powerful CHANGEMAKERS who wake up every morning committed to real change for their communities.  You can give them the resources and support they need to make their vision a reality.


  • Support Dorothy’s dream of a brighter future for her deaf students.  Whether her children come from the Oruchinga Refugee Settlement or a neighboring village, she wants to remove the barriers to their success.
  • Help Woodrow Wilson transform scarcity into bounty in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, with a farmer in every home and small garden plots bursting with an abundance of papaya, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Mama Salome dreams of a new generation of children who will change Congo’s story for good. She’s dedicated her life to inspiring Congolese kids to make even small changes that add up to big impact. Now, she wants to expand her idea, reaching more kids than ever before.

team booster
Travel to Uganda and help more than 50 groups achieve their dreams!

Travel with 2016 Refugee Olympians to participate in the 2018 World Refugee Day 5k in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda.

The World Refugee Day 5k is a rare moment for the residents of Nakivale Refugee Settlement – hailing from 13 different countries – to come together to make their community dreams come true. Teams identify dream projects and run to make them a reality …as sponsors cheer them on from around the world.

Join Nakivale CHANGEMAKERS and literally thousands of residents on a run through the neighborhoods and across the open expanses of Nakivale – or volunteer and cheer the runners on. It will be an unforgettable experience… a unique chance to connect with refugees… a World Refugee Day experience like none other… and a chance to directly support people eager to change their lives and their communities.

It’s a moment of power and possibility. And we want you to be a part of it.

  • This is a one-week trip scheduled from June 16 – June 23. 
  • Travelers will stay at the beautiful Igongo Cultural Center in Mbarara. 
  • The ARC team is happy to help set-up trip extensions to gorilla trek or visit one of Uganda’s other remarkable national parks.
  • Don't be intimidated. This is for everyone.

Airfare is not included.


generosity journey
Launch a Thankathon of Worldwide Proportions

‘Thank You’. It’s easy to forget the power these words hold. They tell a person that you see them – and that you believe the way they’ve spent their precious time and energy has meaning and value. Saying thank you is maybe the simplest way to make an impact in a person’s life.

When we embarked on Changemakers 365 after last year’s Changemakers Ball, we realized quickly how much impact this platform – creating $500 of change each and every day – could also have in real people’s lives. So, why not combine two good things  – THANKING + Changemakers 365.

You can set off a chain reaction of gratitude! Our teams out in the field know well the regular people, doing what needs doing and toiling away to help their neighbors and their communities – never expecting any recognition. These are the people we want to surprise with a big THANK YOU!

You would work with our team to curate a thankathon – a thank you event each and every day for as many days as possible. You’d learn all about the people doing amazing things for others and help find the best way to show them we appreciate them. Maybe it’s a surprise party in their honor, tools to make their work easier or just a big ‘ole hug.

Who’s this opportunity for? Anyone who wants to put pure generosity out into the world. Do it as a family at the holidays. Or as a team building activity in your office. Really, thanking is for everybody…

  • Say THANK YOU in a bigger way than you ever have before.
  • Work side by side with an amazing team of Changemakers to make people feel special.
  • Every $500 raised adds up to one more day of change.
  • OPTIONAL: Make it a trip, come with us and thank these changemakers yourself!
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